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    We installed it first on our main site and it didn’t work, so we installed it on the site to check if it was any incompatibility with any other plugin but it didn’t work on this new site either.

    I mean that when I go through the pagespeed it keeps throwing me the warning to publish next-generation images because it continues to recognize my original files as jpj and png despite the fact that I have already done the process of “regenerating all”

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Mateusz Gbiorczyk


    Hi @seocancun7,

    Thank you for your message.

    Tell me, have you read the plugin FAQ? There are answers to many questions. Remember to always read the FAQ plugs and other similar thread before adding in the support thread.

    Many problems can be solved without adding a thread, because the issue has already been raised in the FAQ or other thread. And that saves a lot of time. I will be grateful if you understand me and appreciate your and my time. I work on plugins in my free time. I am alone and there are more and more users of the plugin.

    Problems are often repetitive. They often result from a custom server or page configuration. That is why I am asking you to try to find a solution in the FAQ or other forum threads. I can not write back to every person the same things. I try to develop a FAQ so that everyone can find answers to repetitive problems.

    There is even a special question in the FAQ that has a list of things I need to help you. The information that something is not working or I have some error, unfortunately, does not allow me to help because I know nothing about your website. With more people using plugin, I would know if there was a global problem.

    Please read the entire FAQ carefully and look at other threads in this forum. If you can not find anything that you contact me please, providing me all the information you need.

    And I have one more request – let me know when the problem is resolved. Unfortunately, many people I try to help after receiving a solution will not even inform you that it worked. And this helps me a lot in providing better and better technical support.

    I really hope this response has been automated, otherwise I would not explain how you have taken the time to write something so extensive and not have time to verify a possible error.

    I can not imagine answering in this way to the users of my website when they ask me something that does not generate an economic income, answering that I only do it in my free time.

    When someone offer a product or service – even if it is free – we must be open to evaluations and questions, if we do not have the time for this I think it is better not to start with the project.

    I will read one by one all your FAQS and all the comments that users have left, maybe in a month that I finish reading everything I can already find a solution to my problem.

    If at any time you think to open a paid version I think it is starting very badly in terms of support.

    Finally, if opening a ticket is not indicated when a user has a situation, I think this section would not exist.

    Plugin Author Mateusz Gbiorczyk


    Thank you for your response. Tell me then please, how much time did you devote before you wrote your thread?

    Checking your site in Dev Tools, I can see that the images are visible in WebP format:

    There are several images in the original formats, as indicated by the result in Google PageSpeed Insights:

    And why do you get this error? Because these images come from a completely different domain (, not yours. The plugin supports images located on your server.

    Do you know why I write in such an automatic way? Because you can check it yourself by reading the FAQ. The answer is one of the first questions. However, it is always better to write new thread in the technical support section. Believe me, there were already many such cases. And should I write the same to everyone?

    Very often I could help users very quickly if they had read the FAQ and in their message they gave me all the information I was asking for. And they are described in detail in the FIRST question in the FAQ. Do not you think that if someone does not give this information in his messages it means that not even taken the time to read the FAQ?

    By opening the support thread you have clear information (on a yellow background): “Search the forums to see if your topic has been resolved already.”.

    And additionally, a FAQ was created for some purpose. In order to answer common questions there. Just because I wrote the plugin does not mean that I am able to spend a few hours a day writing back to people on the same problems. Please do not compare paid versions here, because this is not a paid plugin. Very often in paid plugins buying it you pay for premium support, among others. Then the assistant will do everything for you.

    When a new problem occurs, I try to help. Look at other threads and you will see that I am very active and I care about users of my plugins.

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