• Could’nt get this thing working. Not even with its own smtp plugin. Stores the smtp password in plain text…
    Went back to forms 7

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  • Plugin Support Jess Quig


    Hi moreware,

    I’m sorry to hear emails weren’t delivering for you.

    If you’ve run into issues with email delivery, though, I’d strongly recommend setting up SMTP no matter which forms you decide to move forward with. In many cases, this issue may appear to resolve itself temporarily by swapping out plugins, however it can resurface suddenly later on (this is because the issue isn’t generally related to the forms themselves, but to a whole span of other issues that play into email delivery).

    We’ve created tutorials for all of the SMTP options that we believe work best (full roundup here).

    Last, if you do decide to give WP Mail SMTP another try I would recommend using a mailer option that is not “Other SMTP”. That is the least secure mailer (uses traditional SMTP), and the only option in which you have to enter an SMTP password directly into your site. All of the other mailer options use an API instead, and so are more secure. Also, whereas “Other SMTP” will tend to run into issues on your site’s server (server configuration issues), the other API-based mailer options do not generally have these issues.

    I hope that you consider giving our forms another try down the road, but either way I hope these details help you to get your email delivery issues sorted for the longer haul.

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