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  • crystal-lynn


    Hi I can’t get it to work. I use shopperpress as a theme. I found this on your site:
    My backgrounds aren’t showing up. Why?
    The theme you are using needs to be calling <?php wp_head(); ?>. Check that it is. 🙂

    where do i check for that? in the header.php file?
    and if I dont see, do I put it in there?
    crystal lynn

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  • Hi,
    Using Neuro theme, this plugin “background per page” doesn’t work. Why? Do you know an compatible one?



    I have a similar issue, the link above is the only thing I’ve found on it so far, I have still not gotten it to work, I hope you might find some help in the above

    To what element are you wanting to apply the background to? The whole body of the page or just the background of the post itself. Also which version of wordpress are you using?

    @bpiper, i am trying to apply it to the body of the post but it doesn’t work for that. or any other option i try



    @bpiper I am attempting to apply it to the whole body, meaning it would replace the custom image that sits there now and would also overwrite the background color set to black in the theme options…

    It is a Wootheme (Athena) that I have modified, here’s the website in question with one of the pages I wish to have set to a white background,, I am a graphic designer not a coder, but I have fiddled a bit with the CSS and am happy with what I have apart from the inability to change the background image and color in accordance with the app. Not sure if my custom CSS is somehow preventing the app from functioning though!


    @lew1981, Can I ask what theme you are using?
    @elin, I have a question about your page. Are you wanting to remove the background-4.png image from just this page?



    @bpiper, yes you are correct 🙂 I also wish to be able to manually set other pages to have a completely white background without the background-4.png showing on them. When designing logos, etc they don’t always display equally well on black/dark background.

    @elin, There is a couple things going on here. First there is some bug with this plugin that I have not been able to track down however there is a work around for. When you set the background color in the plugin it will not apply unless you have an image in use. So the work around I have used is you can create a transparent 1px PNG file and set the plugin to not repeat the background image. This will tell the plugin to activate and set the background color (but using a single pixel transparent image).

    Now as for your theme, I see that the background-4.png is not being applied to the BODY tag but is actually using a DIV (ID name “wrapper”) that is acting as the body. This plugin when selecting “body” uses the BODY tag and applies the background to that. This means that your DIV is on top of the BODY there for it will be hidden under the DIV. In order to correct this you will need to edit the plugin to use the “wrapper” DIV tag instead of the body. I see in your code that you have set the “wrapper” background to be !important.

    I am sorry but I am not familiar with the wootheme Athena in how it is setup to let people customize, so I am not sure what/where/why this was set this way to make this happen. However if you must use the !important tag, you can edit the plugin to apply this as well. The only only think to make sure is that the plugin applies your new background settings underneath the custom “wrapper” settings you have so that it will be set !important.

    Sorry for the long post. I hope I am clear on what I am pointing out. Also I can point out where in the plugin code you need to change if needed.

    @bpiper well i got the image to actually show now but no matter what selection i make
    body, html, post content the image stays the same as the website background of the post I’m on. but i don’t want the image to change my site background at all all i want it to do it be the background of the body area to go behind my text on said post.
    like if it was a image behind this text in this reply instead of this white box.

    Lew, Do you have a demo I can look at?

    heres a link to the page b piper all of the posts listed there have images that are suppose to be behind the body of the texts and not replacing the background of the website.

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