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  • Read all the description and FAQ of the plugin, at the end you’ll find this :

    “Does Related Posts for WordPress supports WordPress Network / Multisite websites?
    No, the free version does not. The premium version however does, get it here.

    I was excited to use this related post plugin, I read some description and immediately installed it to try it, but after install it displayed this warning :

    The free version of Related Posts for WordPress doesn’t support WordPress Multisite/Network!

    Buy the premium version or disable the plugin.

    Many users use mostly multisites install for their websites nowadays, so this plugin will not work on your website in it’s free version.

    Hope they will add in WP plugin author guidelines that author cannot block multisites use in fremium version :

    I wish that this plugin will find a better business model, with a good successful free version, and a good successful pro version to succeed in their business, so everyone will be happy.

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  • Plugin Author Barry Kooij


    So you’re looking for a plugin, find one that doesn’t meet your requirements based on the plugin description and decide to leave a 1-star review just to hurt them?

    Multisite networks are the foundation of WP, half-solving the updates burden problem, and this plugin does not work on multisites, on purpose.

    I do not have any requirements, standard hosting, standard WP, any kind of “relations” for the “related posts” selection would work for me, the plugin is just not working, when I activate it, it writes “this cannot work, please uninstall”

    I buy premium plugins each week but cannot even try this one as it’s not working, no hate, nothing else to say, and I’ll probably try it again another time and change the review to 3-4-5 if it works then

    I saw the FAQ after install, it doesnt change anything, it should be mandatory for any free or payed WP plugin to work on multisites, main famous plugins not working on multisites waste my projects

    You think I’m an a***** but I do this to make humanity better by awakening consciences

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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