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[Resolved] Not Working

  • I gotta admit, I’m having issues with features not showing up. Supported devices list and supported devices icons aren’t displaying at all. They haven’t been showing up for over a week. I got a little frustrated and stopped using App Store Assistant.

    In App Store Settings when I specify a max of 200px the icons are not resized down to my specifications. They remain either 512 or 1024.

    Also, I noticed you put a footer “Powered by App Store Assistant” in the code. I’d pay $5 if you’d remove that from my code. I’d also be willing to pay to have the app icon overlayed nicely to round the corners and clickable. Also, for my particular theme I’d like a new post to be a New Review rather than a post.

    But, more than anything, I just want App Store Assistant to work, my friend. 🙂


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  • Plugin Author SEALsystems


    While I would appreciate the $5, there is no need to as the Footer link can be disabled in the settings. Just go to General –> Miscellaneous and it is in the “Other” section.

    I will check on the icon issue. The size only is adjusted if your theme does not use the Featured Image. If it does, the theme will need to resize the image.

    Version 6.0.4 has a new way processing the “Features List” . I will make sure the Supported Device icons and list are done the same way.

    Plugin Author SEALsystems


    I just checked on the icon issue. It is working properly when the icon is displayed rather than the featured image.

    The supported devices icons minimal, B&W, aren’t displaying. See this page:

    As for the app icons and using and resizing; I’m confused. I thought the app icon takes the place of the featured image? Are you saying that, within my theme, the icon will display as long as I set the post to not display the featured image?

    Thanks for all your work on this!

    OK – When I auto-create a post then the supported devices icons minimal ARE displayed. See this page:

    But when I create a Review through the editor the supported devices icons aren’t displaying and the list of supported devices isn’t displaying either.

    And no matter what I do I cannot get the app icon to display. 🙁

    Plugin Author SEALsystems


    The minimal icon issues is fixed in 6.0.5. If the app listed “all” as the supported devices, then it didn’t recognize which devices to list. Good catch.

    The Featured Image is loaded when the Auto Post is created. If you want to add them for shortcodes created when you do a review, you can use the “Add Featured Images” tab in the “Utils” sections of the settings.

    The “Read More…” button isn’t showing:


    Plugin Author SEALsystems


    The read more button doesn’t display on the actual Single POST page, only if there is a list of posts because there is nowhere to link to.

    I included the option to have a short description on a single post page to support a future option which will use an AJAX control to show more of the description without loading another page. But this is still in the works.

    OK – Thanks for explaining! What about an accordion feature?


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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