• Hi. We’ve updatd the database as the plugin requests, but it’s not working. No caching enabled, and the page is displaying content for the USA in the UK.

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  • Plugin Author Paul


    What does [CBC_COUNTRY/] and [CBC_CODE/] show?
    Have you turned on development mode?

    I used [CBC country=”us” show=”y”]text[/CBC]

    Should I be using something else?

    Plugin Author Paul


    Before I can answer anything:
    What does [CBC_COUNTRY/] and [CBC_CODE/] show?
    Have you turned on development mode?

    Yes, it was on before when the thing wasn’t working. I turned it off to see if that made any difference.

    What do you mean by:
    What does [CBC_COUNTRY/] and [CBC_CODE/] show?

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    I have the same problem.
    [CBC_COUNTRY/] do not display anything.
    I see in the database two new tables – ip2nation and ip2nationCountries.

    @paultgoodchild I would really appreciate your help here please.

    also having the same issue. [CBC_COUNTRY/] does not show anything.

    Your assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    For me these work:

    [CBC_IP /]
    [CBC_CODE /]

    But these show nothing:

    [CBC country=”us” show=”n”]You’re not in US[/CBC]
    [CBC country=”us” show=”y”]You’re in US[/CBC]

    I’ve got the same issue.
    I’m in Canada and this is what these codes show me:
    [CBC_COUNTRY /] shows “Canada”
    [CBC_CODE /] shows “ca”

    But the problem i get is when i try to use the codes, they both show up no matter what.

    US Button:
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[CBC country="ca" show="n"]' . the_field('details') . '[/CBC]');?>
    CA Button:
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[CBC country="ca" show="y"]' . the_field('details_cad') . '[/CBC]');?>

    Cancel my error message.

    I’ve got it working now. Was the php code inside the shortcode showing up no matter what the CBC shortcode did.

    Using ‘get_field’ instead of ‘the_field’ fixed that.

    Still not working for me. Would be nice if the author replied.

    The thing is the plugin just isn’t paying attention to the geo location at all.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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