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    This plugin is made to specifically fix issues with whitespace before the start of the XML. If it is not working there are either invalid writing permission to core files of your issue is something different. Also at this time you need to apply the patch after each wordpress core upgrade.

    I installed the plugin at it fixed the rss feed problem fine. The next day, however, My entire theme was modified and posts were all renamed / deleted. This could be a separate issue, unrelated tot his plugin.. But I am wondering if the code could have changed all posts, modified the theme so as to eliminate the navigation bar links and cause problems with my ecommerce platform.

    Do you have any suggestions or ideas as to why your plugin would do this ?

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    There is no way this plugin can delete anything because it does not interact with the database in any way, it simply removes whitespace from the page when the page is loaded. Deactivating the plugin and re-installing wordpress from the upgrades will completely remove all traces and interactions the plugin had with your site. If the plugin did cause this issues everything will restore to normal after you do so, if nothing changes then this was not caused by this plugin. I hope this helps.

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    So just to confirm: You are saying that your plugin has no interaction with the database? So if all posts were renamed to <a href= , and the theme’s navigation bar/ menu bar was edited…..and products in an ecommerce platform were renamed to <a href= …..none of these problems could have been attributed to this plugin ? You have never encountered problems like these before ?

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    Correct, there is no database interaction at all. The filter runs on the page content only. I have never heard of these issues in regards to the plugin. A couple suggestions, if you have any type of cache plugin I would try flushing all caches and/or disabling it and see if that clears up your issue. You can also try to set your theme back to the wordpress 2012 or other theme to make sure it is not a conflict with your theme. If you need troubleshooting assistance that is a service I offer should you find yourself unable to fix it on your own.

    Do you have any recommendations on how to fix the rss feed MANUALLY. I like what your plugin did in terms of fixing the feed, but now that my site is restored, I fear that re-installing the plugin may result in negative consequences again.

    Are there steps to take manually… by editing files etc, in which I can produce the same results as your plugin ?

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    I would recommend starting with your theme files. Go through every php file in your active theme and look for whitespace. The whitespace will be between closing and openings of the php tags.


    <?php echo 'php stuff'; ?>
    <h4>Some Html</h4>
    <?php echo 'more php';?>

    Is ok, however:

    <?php echo 'php stuff'; ?>   <?php echo 'more php';?>
    <h4>Some Html</h4>

    is not because the space between ?> and <?php can break your feed. Also make sure that all theme pages start at line 1, <?php halfway down the page with nothing above it can also break your feed.

    I would try this first and see if this corrects your issue as in my experience it is the most common cause of this particular RSS feed error.

    Hello !
    It worked great on my installation with all the folder in right mode, but how to handle file permissions ? I don’t want all my WP folder to be in write mode.
    Is there a way to see which file has been patched ?
    How can put the permissions back ?
    Is it ok to let the write mode on files ?
    Which folders do I have to focus on ?
    Thanks for your answer.

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