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  • Plugin Author Sean Barton


    I think perhaps you need to upgrade WordPress before leaving negative feedback. The welcome email does NOT contain the plaintext password any more so I expect you are perhaps using this plugin with a version of WP prior to 4.3.1 which it requires. If you’d like support please contact me via the forums or directly rather than leaving invalid feedback which may discourage others from using a working plugin.


    Hi, thanks for leaving a reply. Actually i did test your plugin on multiple WP installs with different templates. All sites are 4.3.1
    For some reason when siginup on the front end, no email is send through your plugin. Adding a user on the backend does send the email though.

    Then about the pass. I really don’t see your point. I tried a clean WP installation 4.3.1 and installed for the registration. Registered myself and it did send the password through email…

    Trust me, i tried cause i am desperately seeking for a plugin like yours. These are however my findings resulting in the rating given.

    Plugin Author Sean Barton


    I can’t vouch for the profile builder plugin as I’ve never used it but perhaps that’s a conflict rather than my plugin not working. All welcome email plugins use the same method to function. They override a method which has recently been changed. See this link: and read the notes section at the bottom. New passwords are not sent to the user by default any more

    I’m more than happy to fix it if there genuinely is an issue but the vast majority of people seem to have no problems at the moment. By all means give it some more testing or allow me to help you.

    Help is appreciated. I did ask for some support on the forum but did not get any reply to that. Found out that your plugin does the job when you use the default WP register page but not when you use any plugin that allows custom registration forms. Most of these plugins allow you to choose a pass right away, so a click to set, password link in the welcome email doesnt make any sense. Also, the welcome message is not sent when using a registration plugin. It is only sent when the default WP registration page is used. I will update my review score to a bit higher but a work around seems to be really necessary in order to use this plugin in combination with other plugins.

    Plugin Author Sean Barton


    Thanks for the feedback and the adjustment to your review score. I’ll review the compatibility with third party plugins and get something going. For reference what plugins are you hoping to use with it and I’ll run some tests?


    That is just great.
    Well ive found out that the regular /wp-login.php?action=register page indeed won’t show a password field and that your plugin works. However, a lot of registration/member plugins do allow the users to fill in a password. It might have something to do with that (thinking out loud)? Anyway, I am using the Appthemes Vantage theme. This theme also allows a visitor to fill in a password field. After activating your plugin it won’t send the welcome email. The same goes for the profile builder plugin. Both give you the possibility to fill in a password on registry but no welcome mail will be shown when activating your plugin…


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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