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    @ajaxouch : It’s unlikely to be caching since the CSS you are adding via this plugin is output on the page.

    Could you post the CSS you added and describe what you were trying to have happen?

    Hello there,
    Same problem, but weirder:)
    I added:

    tr.user-admin-color-wrap {display:none}
    tr.user-rich-editing-wrap {display:none}
    tr.user-comment-shortcuts-wrap {display:none} user-admin-bar-front-wrap {display:none}

    in order to hide some elements from the admin user profile.
    it does work for the first line, but not the others. Any idea why? 🙂

    Plugin Author Scott Reilly


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    @cyberlp23 : Hi,

    Well, the first three worked fine for me. The last one didn’t work because the CSS selector was slightly incorrect (they are 2 classes on the same element). Here what I tried (I also added ending semi-colons; though for Chrome on OSX they weren’t necessary):

    tr.user-admin-color-wrap {display:none;}
    tr.user-rich-editing-wrap {display:none;}
    tr.user-comment-shortcuts-wrap {display:none;} {display:none;}

    Does that work any better for you?

    That does work, thanks!
    But I’ve been trying to modify other elements, such as the color of the top menu bar:

    #wpadminbar {
    background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% #52cfbd;

    and it does not seem to work. Any advice to alter the rest of the CSS?

    I’m also trying to add a custom logo just above the Dashboard link on the left menu.


    Plugin Author Scott Reilly


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    @cyberlp23 :The CSS you provided to override the #wpadminbar background color works for me regardless of the admin color theme chosen.

    I suspect you are talking about the adminbar’s background color on the front-end and not the back-end? If so, yes, the above CSS won’t work since the plugin doesn’t output any CSS on the front-end (hence the “Admin” in the name).

    Yes, sorry, it does work, it seems it was a cache problem from my browser…
    Thanks again!

    Any CSS I put in the “Admin CSS” section works fine, but I added a file to the “Admin CSS Files” section and it’s not added to admin area.

    All I put in the box is:

    Just trying to add FontAwesome icons to the admin area.

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