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  • Hi aralar,

    sorry to hear that. If you’d like me to help you, a single line of text is not enough, though. 😉

    Thank you for your offer of help

    All configuration options (Settings BackWPup) are empty. It is therefore impossible to check the installation. It is also impossible to make a backup at the time (BackWPup Jobs-Run Now): the result is a screen empty.

    I have reviewed and updated all the parameters after the last update.

    Yep, same problem here — I get a blank screen when I try to run a job, and the Settings tabs are all empty.

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken



    how did you made the update with FTP or Update function of WordPress?

    I used the WP update function; should I try FTP instead?

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    No that was the best option.

    I have not find out in with cases the Settings migration not work. Sorry.

    Is there no message on the blank screen?


    Also here the same I think.
    I have differend WP site’s and installed the 3.0.4 and got this error.

    HTTP-fout 500 (Internal Server Error):

    The 2.1.17 is working OK.

    Nope, no message on the blank screen at all.

    On the Settings page, I can see all the tabs, but no content underneath, can clicking the tabs does no good.

    Also, when I click the “Check the installation” link, it just takes me to the Settings page with the tabs but no content.

    Exactly the same things in my case.

    Hi Caspar, Can you help me with this error message.

    Fatal error: Can not create folder: ……… /wp-content/backwpup-2325c-logs in ………./wp-content/plugins/backwpup/inc/class-job.php on line 894

    Is this a matter of setting read/write privileges? for that file?

    I was going to delete and reinstall the plugin, but didn’t want to loose all my job setting.

    Been using BackWPup for a year now and it worked great till January. Thanks

    I get a blank settings page too.

    Same problem here, in my case I updated the plugin manually (as I’m using AppFog to host).

    HTTP 500 when I try to run an existing job and blank settings screen.

    Creating a new job doesn’t help, same behaviour as above.

    @dotpattern Please open a new thread when you encounter a new issue. Otherwise we’ll get all mixed up here.
    Yes, it means BackWPup has no writing access to /wp-content/. Try to CHMOD 775 /wp-content/. If that doesn’t work, try 777. You can revert it to 755 once BackWPup has created its directory.

    @aralar @benpatt @craigomatic What version of PHP is installed on your server? Is it possible in your setup to deactivate all other plugins and check if the blank pages persist?

    The plugin works again after loading the new update (3.0.5) and creating the folder wp-content/uploads/backwpup-818f2-temp /.

    Thank you.



    @aralar Great, thanks for posting!

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