• I have this installed on several sites and have had various issues with it.

    it seems to block a lot of legit form submissions.
    When it does block a form submission, I often get the message saying it was blocked but still get the form submission as well.

    No way to actually accept the form submission that was blocked… just to add the person’s IP address to an allow list or block them.
    This is only useful for blocking spammers, but completely pointless for dealing with false positive as if you didn’t get the submission, that person isn’t going to come back and re-submit the form.

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  • Plugin Author Bryan Hadaway


    This isn’t a flaw; it’s by design.

    It’s how all security/privacy/anti-spam measures in the world work, from the lock on your front door at home, to your email password, to plugins like this.

    Your intent of course is to block only the “bad guys,” but it’s impossible to do so without also blocking some of the good ones too. The goal is to minimize this as much as possible.

    That’s where you come in.

    We try to create sane defaults that will work for the largest majority, but there are millions of variables and it’s the responsibility of the site owner to fine-tune the settings for their specific site and user’s needs.

    That said, is Stop Spammers the right solution or compatible with every possible website setup? No, of course not.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and if you ever give the plugin a try again on any of your sites, I’ll still be here to help. I see I tried helping you before (not sure if it’s the same issue):


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