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    ive been using popularly contest (v 1.1) for a while now. i have found it easy to used and helpful compared to the other stat aggregators out there for wordpress that i have tried. (i long for the day when a plugin can fully integrate and parse all the data that google analytics spits out).

    well lately i had noticed that my ‘most popular posts’ (from the admin side and public side) didnt seem to be changing too much. while i will profess that my site is esoteric i do think that several of my recent posts pass muster and should have been climbing up the popularity ranks. i decided to take a deeper look into things and see if anyone can suggest what may be going on:

    looking at the wp_ak_popularity table with phpmyadmin i noticed that my ‘home views’ and ‘feed views’ stopped registering any hits whatsoever after post_id 996. as a matter of fact, the only column after post_id 996 registering any activity are the ‘comments’ or ‘trackbacks’ field. while i cannot vouch for rss feed numbers, google analytics will vouch that ive had at least 1 home page view. to rule our silly (on my part) html/php editing, i reinstalled the plugin, i tested settings on themes that i have never used or edited before, and i manually clicked on my most recent post from the home page, from the archives and from the category page in an attempt to artificially create ‘views’ in my popularly database. i also thought to manually visit my first post and generate some views. this post was also not able to take on any new views…. however, posting a comment did write to my popularity db….

    short of losing all of my stats by purging my wp_ak_popularity table what suggestions does the community have on what might be going on and how i might go about fixing it?

    i appreciate any all all comments/suggestions greatly.


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  • ive read a few other posts with similar issues (only crediting comments to popularity). to add to my troubleshooting heres what ive done:

    switched themes to default and deactivated all plugins at once (other than popularity, of course). this resulted in no change to my issue.

    i noticed one other thing that appears to be new-ish. perhaps this may lead me closer to the fix.

    when i click on the ‘update popularity values’ button from my admin page i get a new page with a message:


    The document has moved here.

    here is linked to a page on my site:

    i dont recall this always being the case with the buttons function. can anyone confirm for me that the button takes them to a similar page versus some other action?

    i am happy to report that popularity contest 1.2b has fixed my problems.


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