• Downloaded this plugin as I was considering moving away from OceanWP and needed a portfolio plugin that functioned similarly to OceanWP’s portfolio plugin to maintain the current state of my website.

    This plugin is very similar and seems to work great in concept, but there are two things I can’t stand. First, the portfolio page is built off of a blog page, which is just an annoyance. I don’t care to have blog sidebars showing on a page meant to display photo galleries. I can’t find any way to change this, nor can I find any way to simply designate my own portfolio page. Second, the mobile galleries are not mobile responsive at all. OceanWP’s portfolio plugin has left and right arrows on the images to navigate the gallery, and also allows for swiping left and right to navigate the gallery. Visual Portfolio doesn’t seem to have either of these features. To navigate a gallery, after clicking an image, you have to hit the back button and then go to the next image. This is not very user friendly.

    This plugin had a lot of promise and I was hopeful, but it looks like I’ll have to stay with OceanWP for now.

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