• I found this plugin confusing to set up and not especially intuitive. I don’t love the fact that everything has to be done in an additional step, instead of all at once. And honestly the way that it works just doesn’t fit my mental model, based on all the other automation solutions I’ve used.

    What really did it for me, was the fact that I bought the FluentCRM add-on, only to find that it didn’t have the ability to handle my FluentCRM custom fields, and there was no way to know this before purchasing.

    I wrote to support and got a message the next day saying that they’d “released an update” that added this functionality. Why now all of a sudden? Why wasn’t that included in the add-on to begin with? Why did I have to ask for functionality I assumed would be included in a paid add-on (due to lack of other information) for it to be suddenly added?

    And now, because technically support has resolved my issue, I’m no longer entitled to a refund according to their terms, which makes their “14 day refund” offer pretty hollow. I don’t appreciate having to spend money to find out whether a plugin can do what I need, with no way of getting my money back after the fact. I get that the explanation is about people abusing the system, but subjecting genuine customers to the same attitudes leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    I just don’t like the way they do business, sorry. I’ve already found a much better alternative.

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