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  • Not very impressed with this Theme. I have used many that work really well. I did like the look of it, but when I started configuring it everything went wrong. It’s also really irritating to keep having the Rate the Theme appearing … so here I am rating it, like you want. Problems in detail: Tried installing the suggested Plugins, Activated the first one, then tried the second … it takes me to a blank page with the Rate the Theme being the only thing on it. Doesn’t activate. Tried 3 times now, same result. Ok leave that and let’s try the rest … Header shows nothing but 9 empty boxes. Typed the text in and it didn’t display, tried changing the header picture and that didn’t work either. Ok forget that for now, let’s try something else. Setup the slider with headers and text. Reloaded the theme to see if it would fix the problems and lost all the text from my slider (back to default text). Header and Button text remembered. Ok, setup up Services, lost text typed there too, default text reappears … giving up on this Theme, I cannot keep retyping in all this text … bye bye

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