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  • The calendar function works okay. They nickel and dime you for any additions – like tickets and other views. Their pro version was a big let down. The shortcodes didn’t play nice with my theme and I couldn’t create a custom page for the calendar with the slug ‘/events’ – pretty much the only 2 reasons I purchased it.

    I keep getting timeout errors now too. Overall, not great and expensive.


    After receiving NO HELP from their support – even though I paid for 2 extensions I am now rating this plugin a 1.


    Back to a 3, the support team did respond. It was just not that helpful. Returned Pro Version and my refund was processed quickly. When it works, it works well. When it doesn’t, well the support isn’t great.

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  • Plugin Author Barry


    Thanks for the review, @shortsamm — though I’m sorry to hear that we didn’t meet your expectations.

    It’s definitely not our intention to ‘nickel and dime’ you or anyone else: our core offering is free and comes packed with a bunch of functionality and when you need more, our optional premium offerings can be added on top but are not required.

    The shortcodes didn’t play nice with my theme and I couldn’t create a custom page for the calendar with the slug ‘/events’

    Unfortunately, theme conflicts can and do happen with almost any plugin. We try our best to help in these situations but we also know we can’t resolve everything that crops up.

    I am pretty surprised that we couldn’t help with the issue relating to using the /events/ slug … could you provide the URL of the Help Desk topic you created for this so I can review it? My impression is that what you were seeking is absolutely possible, so I’d be keen to see if there were any complicating factors or simply if there are ways we could provide better help in future.




    Hi @barryhughes-1,

    It doesn’t really matter at this point because the Pro Version seems to be very heavy and I don’t think my server can handle it. Since installing the Pro Version I have had nothing but problems and am now unable to update or post events. I have my host looking at it as well to hopefully resolve the issue. I am still waiting for a response from the help desk. I understand you guys are a little busy over there at the moment.

    Really like the ticketing feature. But it is also not helpful that it doesn’t work with reoccurring events in the Pro Version. It’s not a bad plugin, for what you offer for free and basic necessities but the functionality of the add-ons is a little lacking. I do like the ticketing – just wish it was more functional.


    Plugin Author Barry


    OK, well I’m sorry to hear that but I do appreciate you taking the time to share these notes: perhaps in the future you’ll be able to give our plugins another try 🙂


    I am still waiting for support! I cannot use your plugin at all. I have updated my ticket. NO RESPONSE FROM YOUR TEAM. I am beyond frustrated.

    Plugin Author Barry



    I’m a little confused.

    You cited this conversation on our help desk earlier in your review, but it looks like not only did we reply within 24hrs of you posting but even now it is waiting on further feedback from you.

    The only other help desk ticket you seem to have opened so far has been closed (because you noted you were going to seek a refund in any case) but we invited you to follow up in future, if you wanted to, by creating a fresh ticket.

    We’re keen to help if we can, but unless I’m missing something I believe we’re waiting on your follow-up at this point (I certainly could be missing something, please don’t hesitate to point it out if so so I can get things moving for you).

    Thanks again — and our apologies for any frustration we’ve caused you.

    Hi @barryhughes-1,
    The other ticket you’re referring to should not have been closed since it was tied to the product I am keeping. If anything this ticket should have been closed since I have returned the Pro Version. I thank you for your speedy processing of that return.

    I am having issues now with the Events Tickets Plus plugin. The response to my (now closed) ticket directed me to do many things I had already done. I had provided that info for you but it didn’t seem like it was looked at. It seems you have a copied and pasted response since nothing your team said to do was not already in the documentation. I believe based off of the hundreds of other open tickets I viewed that this is your support team’s normal course of action.

    No big deal. Overall my experience with your plugin has been that if it works its great; and if it doesn’t, don’t expect too much help figuring out why – regardless of whether or not you’re using a paid version. I will update my rating to 3 stars.

    I appreciate the help you have offered, and hope that I can figure out why it is not working. As I said, when it does work its great.

    Have a great day.

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