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  • 2 errors 🙂
    let us cut them some slack…
    correct eet now :O)

    Don’t cut us any slack, errors like that are unacceptable. My only complaint about Dreamweaver, which is generally excellent, is sometimes it changes the case of things without asking. This has been fixed and thanks for pointing this out.

    :O matt uses dreamweaver… :O :O :O
    shut up sushubh
    goes to validate the rest of the site…

    Hi there,
    I don’t think validating is the most important thing in the web (although I always write right code) but if you prudly state the code is valid at least you could check that…. 😉

    Just an FYI that THIS page does not validate…

    OMG what have we started…

    There are 12 errors on this page. I suggest taking the claim to ‘valid XHTML’ off the forum pages. Even if those errors get fixed, you will still have the same problem as when claiming all WordPress blogs will validate – a page is only as valid as the posts that get fed into it.

    A new feature in 1.2 is ‘strict validation of posts’. It might be a little overkill for some people though as it prevents all posts from being shown on your site in case one doesn’t validate. 🙂




    does it validate on post? or on displaying? And will it get “fixed” so that only valid posts are affected (and leaves others alone) and is this an option that can be turned on/off?

    Alex, that’s not what that option does, if you’re referring to the “attempt to correct invalidly nested XHTML” one.
    The validation errors on the forums have been fixed. There may be threads that have bad markup, but that is being fixed too as the forum software matures.

    Nevermind, was making a joke… move along, nothing to see here.


    I got it, Alex, but I didn’t fall off my chair until I read Matt’s post. Sometimes all you hear is a “whoosh!” as they pass by just overhead.

    the developers almost always pass over my head…

    Seems like the errors I’ve seen are because of using XHTML 1.1 doctype. Perhaps switching to 1.0, to be more forgiving? Even XHTML 1.0 strict should do the trick…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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