• This form cannot be integrated into Worpress website built with Elementor. There is no Elementor widget, and the form cannot be added to the WordPress backend either. The User Guide is not useful; the screen shots do not reflect WordPress.

    The design is fine, but integration is very poorly thought through.

    This is not user friendly module.

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  • Plugin Support Ethan Choi


    Hi dretoman10,

    I apologize for the trouble with this!

    WPForms can be easily added to your site with the Elementor theme, and we have many users who successfully done so. WPForms is also one of the recommended forms plugin on Elementor’s blog post.

    To add a form to a page you can first locate your form shortcode in WPForms’ Forms Overview page. Here’s screenshot of an example. Next, you can add the form shortcode to a Text Editor widget or Shortcode widget in Elementor.

    When you get the chance could you give that a try? And if you’ve any additional questions please feel free to share those in our Lite support forum. There, we provide limited complimentary support to all of our Lite users. Thanks!

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    Firstly, I do not buy marketing language at all. And review comments on this tool indicate a number of users who couldn’t figure out the very basics of set up.


    The requirement to copy and paste shortcode back and forth is not user friendly. It DOES require coding experience. As name implies, shortcode is A code.

    You will have user friendly design when a button titled “WPForms” appears in Elementor, that user can drag and drop onto a screen, just like “Contact form 7”.

    Currently, there is NO such button.

    Two hours, after figuring out how to make your contact form appear on the website (including writing and reading your replies, reviewing user guides and videos – I doubt anyone has to read a user guide on how to start using iPhone)…

    there is another problem. reCAPTCHA field is not showing up on the form (neither as a button in left side menu, nor when editing Form via WordPress, nor when viewing in Elementor)


    When form is completed on live website, the confirmation message says that email was sent, but my mail server doesn’t show any inbound email. So now again user has to fish for information and review all user guides to hopefully figure out where the problem is. I NEVER had this issue with Contact Form 7.

    Are there dependencies between your tool and some other plug in? If yes, where is it stated “IN order to use our app for contact form, you must have xyz plug-ins set up).

    In order for this plugin to be called “the most user-friendly for basic” it must be configurable and integratabtle into a website in less than 10 minutes.

    Experience has so far been underwhelming.

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    Here is what I have done in 2 hours.

    – In 1 hour: assembled a desktop computer (installed CPU on motherboard, installed RAM, installed SSD,installed HDD, installed PSU, connected everything, covered with chassis – this is the first computer I ever built.
    – In 30 minutes: installed and configured hypervisor type 1 on bare metal – this is the first hypervisor OS I ever installed.
    – In 30 minutes: installed Mac OS and Linux OS on hypervisor.

    I deleted your plug in. I wish you best of luck.

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    Plugin Support Jess Quig


    Hi dretoman10,

    I’m sorry that this has been such a frustrating process for you.

    It sounds like you’ve decided to move forward with a different plugin, but I’m going to add some details just in case you or anyone else who runs across this thread find them helpful.

    Using WPForms with Elementor: What you’re describing makes sense, and I’ve added this idea to our feature request list. That way, our team can consider adding something along these lines in the future.

    Fortunately in the meantime, you can copy and paste the form shortcode into an Elementor block without editing it or knowing code in any way.

    reCAPTCHA: It’s definitely odd that reCAPTCHA isn’t appearing for you.

    We’d need to see the page with the embedded form to provide more detailed assistance, but before that the best next step is to go back through our reCAPTCHA setup tutorial and make sure that nothing might have been missed. This can be frustrating to do, but often helps to catch and resolve the issue.

    Emails not delivering: Most often when we and other plugins see issues like this, the cause is either server configuration issues or filtering by the recipient’s email provider that may send the email to spam or prevent delivery altogether. Fortunately, a single solution will address both issues: installing an SMTP plugin.

    An SMTP plugin will both change the way that emails are sent out (avoiding the server-related issues) and also authenticate your emails (letting them pass successfully through the email provider’s filters).

    For more details on both the issue and our recommended SMTP options to fix it, please check out our tutorial on fixing email delivery issues.

    Hopefully these details are helpful!

    And if you decide to give our forms another try and would like additional assistance/have questions, please know that we provide limited complimentary support to all WPForms Lite users in our support forum.

    Art X


    @dretoman10 – фантастический отзыв. Благодарю Вас.

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