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  • I got it to work anyways but it was no pleasure. I really the old version where you had to rewrite the htaccess. That worked great. The actual system is pretty bad.

    I dont want to create a download just for a plugin. I just want to have a tool that logs when a download from a specific folder has been done. =(

    Edit: Okay got back to the 0.24 Version and will change the stars from 1 to 4 because I don’t know another addon that is able to do it like that version till now. Maybe you should offer this Version splitted from this one here. I’m sure that many guys like me wishing such a simple solution instead of crappy “Add download” stuff. You know. Keep your work up. Now I need to disable that he shows me updates for your addon =/

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  • Plugin Contributor Josh



    1. Thank you for adjusting your rating.
    2. I’m having difficulty understanding your issue. It’s probably because I’m completely unfamiliar with how the plugin functioned prior to version 2.0.

    However, if you care to explain (in simple, concise steps) what it is exactly you are wanting to achieve… then I’m sure we can incorporate it into the latest version of the plugin.

    Lastly.. with all due respect… insinuating the plugin is ‘crappy’ because you may not prefer download links is a bit insulting. There are plenty other users who prefer download links.

    Instead… let’s try to find a solution which will appease users on both sides of the issue 🙂

    Sure, sorry if it was not detailed enough or insulting somehow. Just wanted to say that there is no good solution for me.

    So what I want is an addon that is simply looking on one folder on the webspace. Let’s say

    Here it shall count the number of accesses to the data which is stored there. This was able to do so in version 0.24.

    The only thing to do was adding “RewriteRule ^(dl/.*) /index.php?sdmon=$1 [L,QSA]” to the htaccess. That might lead to a worse performance than the recent method but it works and I think it’s much cooler to let the owner of the site decide this.

    I really prefer download links. And also if a user comes with a direct link, I want to track that kind of download. Currently I think this is impossible with you? Sorry when I’m wrong.

    So what I want no special download button, instead just counting in the background/backend. Not showing it to the users.

    Well already thought I never get an answer here. Thanks in advance. Hopefully now it’s a bit clearer =)

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