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  • If you develop your website via WordPress localhost on Windows, do no use this plugin. It will destroy your media library paths and URLs.

    The trend has been going back to static websites.
    WordPress is a good CMS, and with the help of static rendering plugins, WordPress works great on any Windows computer with WAMP or other LAMP stack setup for windows to render to static.
    WordPress Multisite allows you to have many websites you can develop on a single installation on your windows PC and render to static each website.
    But the WordPress developers for Multisite are rather inconsiderate. See, once you convert a WordPress single site to Multisite, many settings are made very difficult to change. In WordPress single-site mode, you can easily disable the dumb year/month configuration. But in Multisite, the settings are converted to an advanced settings page and a royal pain to change/fix.

    Here in this plugin. WordPress Media Library Folders is SUPPOSED to help you migrate your images from this dumb year/month format to a single folder.
    However, in a Windows hosted WordPress setup, this plugin breaks the media library’s images upon moving them.

    It has destroyed one of my websites and caused me to lose many hours of work that I did not have backed up yet. Using WordPress on Windows is becoming much more common due to the static trend/movement. They should have thought of this very basic issue of them not qualifying the image path and URL properly before writing it to the database.

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    We’ll look into it.

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    Here is the exact issue with the image database location being messed up by the plugin after it moves an image. The image itself moves fine but the problem is how it is updated in the database. Example

    Moving to folder NewFolder at
    Your plugin does\wamp64\www\wp-content\uploads\sites\2\NewFolder/image.jpg

    In how the media entry is updated in the database. Which creates a broken link and a royal pain to fix. Which is what this plugin caused me yesterday, a lot of pain and work to fix what it did.

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