• I’m in Hong Kong, default pricing for store is Hong Kong dollars.
    Imported products, and prices changed from US dollars on Yoycol to HK dollars on my store – same numbers [18, say], but meant prices to around 1/8 of what they should be!
    Also frustrating it seemed product price had to include shipping price [to US/Europe]; I had chosen Yoycol partly for free shipping in China, so lower prices to customers I thought [actually more expensive to HK I then found]; important to me to show product price, plus a shipping cost.

    I tried customer service, but no real understanding; not sure if a chatbot involved largely/wholly. Also default messages about delay as in different time zone; not so for me unless their customer service is outside China.

    So it seems they are geared towards foreign customers only being in US/Europe; and even then perhaps they haven’t really got their act together. Hope people find products are better than this experience!

    [I gave two stars as products did import; may suit someone in target market]

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