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  • There are various problems with the plugin that make it currently unusable and it could just as well be removed from the repo this way.

    I’ve tried to debug some, but It should be looked through more thoroughly.

    1. uses deprecated eregi_replace('\:space:+', ' ', $final_stuff), that can be replaced by preg_replace('/(?i):space:+/', ' ', $final_stuff); to make it work, and probably the (?i) isn’t needed, since it just looks for spaces that are hard coded by the plugin itself, so case is no issue.

    2. get_bloginfo('siteurl') is also deprecated and should be replaced by get_bloginfo('url')

    3. but also it doesn’t find the domain in https:// links, which should be all external links at this point, so it marks all links as internal. Easy to fix in the source, but it seems to be one of many problems.

    4. the snapshot popup doesn’t seem to work anymore. Is the service still up?

    Too buggy for me, so test thoroughly before considering it.

    Fix for https-urls:

    function GetDomainnameFromUri($uri){
    	$exp1 = '/^(https|http|ftp)?(:\/\/)?(www.)?([^\/]+)/i';
    	preg_match($exp1, $uri, $matches, $matches[4]);
    	// d($uri, $matches);
    	if (isset($matches[4])) {
    		return $matches[4];
    	} else {
    		return '';

    What it really needs is a complete make-over. It don’t think that’s coming from the author, since it hasn’t been maintained for more than 10 years.

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