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  • We spend many hours with this plugin and spend the time for nothing…
    We tried to use classical block – buttons doesn’t appear at all!
    Yes, I can write a html code manually – it works but when we checked it with google structured date, it shows errors at least, “A value for the thumbnailUrl field is required”. Cool! And… if will write a code manually for dozens videos why I need this plugin bc I can do it by myself…

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  • Plugin Author Nico


    1. This person never opened a support question.
    2. Acting like Google data missing notices are the end of the world is not very smart in the first place. WP does not add any of that. The worst thing happens is that Google just ignores it when incomplete, same as it not being there, same every WP site functions without this or any special video SEO plugin like Yoast Video SEO that is more expensive than ARVE Pro for just the SEO data.
    3. Nobody ever claimed the buttons works in the Classic Block. It works in Classic Editor, that is a different thing!
    4. The development version is announced and has a Gutenberg Block that he could have helped test.
    5. Writing shortcodes is not that hard.
    6. The Pro Addon fills all the SEO information for you.
    7. The claim that you just can just add HTML manually to every video and that you do not need a plugin is right but completely unrealistic. Nobody will do that. You need to add all kinds of meta elements and wrap each video with the right structure, I am not sure how this is even possible with default WP embeds. It’s for sure way more work than adding missing attributes to a short code or Gutenberg Block.
    8. Bravo for not asking about anything, making wrong assumptions and then putting hours in to the point of frustration and then shitting on a FREE plugin I put years of hard work in. Bravo!
    9. Seems like this bullied me into providing an option to disable SEO data in the free plugin in the next version. People will be able to just shut it off completely if they do not want to fill in the missing data and do not want to get a license for Pro that autofill it.
    10. Activating and configuring the plugin is not time wasted. There are other benefits the free plugin offers.

    People like this did never do anything to contribute to Open Source software. Entitled as fuck, demand free stuff that does everything exactly like want they want it to, and then punishing the devs when not. Not saying everyone needs to contribute but please try not to be this guy when you have some issue with a free software. This really pisses me off because this is not the first time I get this kind of “hours of my life wasted” bullshit response. People often complain after they spend hours of trying something with wrong assumptions.

    Generally (not just this), if you have an issue that frustrates you, STOP! Open up a support/community/forum/… question and w8 instead of trying something for hours that is not even possible or not that urgent.

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