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  • I haven’t upgraded my WordPress and all of a sudden, I can’t access my Admin. I get this error in my wp-login.php file:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: nocache_headers()

    I’ve talked to Dreamhost and the only response they gave me was “Upgrade to the new version to see if it would fix your problem.”

    They said they rolled out new updates for php 5.2 this weekend, but they don’t see how that could have messed up my site since the function nocache_headers is not a default PHP function but a custom function defined with WordPress.

    Is anyone under the Dreamhost plan having the same problem if they haven’t upgraded their WordPress to the latest version?

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  • Will one of these threads help maybe? Good luck!


    No dice. A lot of those messages are still unresolved but I tried them anyway. I deleted index.php and re-uploaded. I checked my config.php and didn’t really know how to change it since I never even touched it before.

    The one thing I found out, though, is that from home (PC using IE 6) I can login just fine as usual. But here at work (PC using IE6 and Firefox) I still can’t. I used to be able to update from work. Does anyone know if it’s a proxy thing? Maybe they’re not allowing my config.php from logging in to my database?

    Another employee here at work uses WordPress and he seems to login just fine. I just don’t know what happened 🙁

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