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  • I made two new posts yesterday but I can’t see either of them on the front page. I can see them on the archives page and category pages but not home page.

    Today I made a third post and it doesn’t show up anywhere (for me). It’s “there” because I can see that people are visiting it in my stats program but I can’t see it in archives, cat, or front page.

    Also with older posts the number of comments shown is not updating properly (for me). Like on one older post the true current number of comments is 29, the archive page says it’s 26, and the front page says it’s 25.

    This happens for me on all three browsers I have installed, on Windows XP.

    The first of the three newest posts was backdated by one day but I have done that a lot before without problems. I can’t immediately think of anything else I’ve done recently that could cause it. Site is

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  • Pretty theme. 🙂

    If I remember correctly, WP 1.5 had the cache enabled. Have you tried refreshing your local cache (by holding down the ctrl key while you refresh the page) ? Is the server-side cache enabled, and have you tried dumping that directory?

    It sounds to me like a cache issue, because it’s happening on specific pages (the front page, and with comments, the archive page).

    I’ve cleared the cache and cookies on both IE and Firefox to no avail. Tried Opera too. The server side cache I don’t know what that is, where is it?

    The third and last post I made actually I can see it on some of the category pages it’s meant to be in but not on others so that does sound like a caching problem, yes.

    Incidentally, I can’t see this topic I started here either, just through a proxy or through my profile page.

    Actually it’s not specific to my installation of wordpress because it is happening with this site,, as well. The pages I view here, in all three browsers, get “stuck”, they won’t update at all, stuck at the first place I viewed them. So it must be something to do with my system, caching for all three browsers, and wordpress sites. I don’t know.

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