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  • Hello, I downloaded this theme, and I’m not understanding what mechanic creates the spacing I need.

    This is what I set up so far:

    This is what I’m aiming for:

    What function lets me create the “unordered list” block and “blockquotes galore” block?

    Also for some reason, the home page only shows one story max. I read over and over and can’t figure out how to change this, whether it be a setting or code.

    Mahalo in advance

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    I think Milo’s Sushi theme will look different if you have added non-default widgets to the sidebar area. Try going to presentation > widgets > and removing any that you find there from Sushi’s sidebars. That should allow the theme to appear as it does in the default demo. This theme has been around a little while, you may want to confirm that it functions correctly with 2.5.1.

    Here is a link to one of the authors sites. You may be able to find some more info there as well.


    Hmmm I guess I wasn’t totally clear. I believe I have the sidebars fixed (I understand that the content may make the page look long), but I’m looking at those modules in the middle, next to “Recent”. There is a huge open gap where there should be two modules.

    I just spent a couple of hours hacking around with it on a 2.5.1 installation. No matter what I tried, I could not get those blocks to function correctly. The information from the developer indicates that there should be a read-me file and modification instructions in the download. (obvious custom home.php and footer/flicker alteration requirements aside), I found two sources for the download, one for a version for pre WP 2.1 (from the developers virtual drive storage), and one for an updated version for 2.1. ( the theme viewer ). No read me files to be found. I did find info on the creators site that indicates that this may have never been updated for use beyond WP version 2.3. What perplexes me is that the theme viewer is running it on the WP 2.6 bleeding edge version and it appears to be functional. Neither could I find any information indicating that additional plugins were required. Flicker support is built in. If you do find an answer to this, I would be grateful to know the solution. I am sorry that I could not be of any real assistance on this.



    I’d like to help sort out the bespoken points.

    • . Sushi is indeed not updated since the first release,
      however the theme should function correctly on any
      WP version since 2.3.*
    • . Sidebar widgets are not styled, but work with the default widget style.
    • . No plugins are required
    • . Themeviewer does not run the latest WP version, merely the 2.3.*
    • . An updated version is in the works =)

    hope this helps.

    Just curious: Why are the initial credits removed from

    hey milo, great theme, an update would be great for people like me who have no idea what they’re doing. just a heads up, the initial credits are linked to what I assume is a dead page, as nothing comes up (I believe its a subdomain to your main site, but it seemed like it was another author). the site is merely a test, and i’m planning to include credits as soon as its working =)

    keep up the great work

    I’d like to help sort out the bespoken points.

    Thank you! My curiosity is now quite satisfied.

    Your themes are fantastic, by the way. Outstanding creativity.


    Milo, if you’re still checking on this thread… just a quick question: who does your graphics? I’m assuming you do, and if so, what programs are you using to generate images like the bottom left sphere and top right flourish on

    I assume you downloaded the Sushi WP theme from the official WP theme viewer.
    Well, updates and new themes are closed on the WP theme viewer since last year, so I haven’t got a chance to refresh all my themes.

    New and updated themes:
    Support forum:

    All graphics, CSS codes and WP work is entirely done by myself.
    Tools: Nikon D3, Photoshop, PSPad, WordPress

    Sushi update within the next seven days, I’ll post it on this thread as well as on my site and my forum.

    Credits: if any one of my themes are altered, then pls leave credits, just add based on or so..

    If you have further q’s, just post them here, I’ll answer in between 24 hrs.

    It might be also useful to update your member info,
    it’s easier if I know whom I talk to =)

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