• This review/rating is more about the developer communication than the plugin itself. I realize I may come off like a jerk, but I’m not. Really. Ask my mother!

    Tried free version, seemed ok but I needed the “click link on image” option so paid to upgrade to pro. could not get that feature to work. Also found the images were not responsive on mobile.

    Opened a ticket on their helpdesk & also posted questions to WP forums. When they responded I had already found a different (free) plugin that suited my needs.

    I contacted them explaining and asking for refund. After several back and forths where they wanted temp admin rights to my site to see if they could fix it, even though I no longer needed it, I finally told them to either issue the refund or not. Today I could not login to their helpdesk, so I assume they shut off my account.

    No idea if I’ll get a refund or not. We shall see.

    This plugin might very well suit your needs. Just make sure it does before you upgrade to pro.

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  • Plugin Author FARAZFRANK


    Hi @aetkin,

    My plugin is not about the money, it is about the service.

    I already told you in the very first reply to give me a chance to check your issue, If I fail, I will refund back all your money.

    Accordingly to our policy on paid products, you need to share the information which we asked for.

    I have already shared the instruction to make a link slider.

    Hope you understand.


    Thread Starter aetkin


    I told you many times, I followed your link slider instructions and it did not work. If service was important to you, you would’ve just issued a refund the second or third time I asked.

    Plugin Author FARAZFRANK


    That’s why I asked let me check what are you doing wrong? I am here to help, you bought the plugin just tell me what is the issue it’s my duty to fix it, if I fail to fix it then I am the responsible to refund you back full money. That’s it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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