• This plugin updates itself, even with that option turned off. It is not a mistake, I own 3 sites where all this happens. Uninstalled

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  • Hi,

    I’ve looked over the code and drived a few tests and I wasn’t able to replicate the issue. In addition, I’ve also reverted the version on a live site to try to replicate it, with the same results.

    Here are some possible culprits I’ve seen in the past:

    1. Management systems that will update the selected plugins automatically (as an example, JetPack through WP.com).
    2. Managed hosting where the Core/Plugins/Themes are updating automatically or based on user’s option.
    3. Plugin conflicts, plugins with automatic updates enabled which are accidentally updating all other plugins.

    Thank you for your feedback!

    @cetinro people like you are the reason why developers often gave up on open source and free projects.

    Even if the plugin had bug causing it to update itself despite auto-update being disabled, it would have been most likely unintentional. You can inspect the code, everything is very transparent, so your review title is misleading.

    Second, I have 2 separate installations where updates are turned off, I just checked and this plugin is still outdated, so to put it simply for you, this plugin is indeed not updating itself on its own.

    Third, if you have a problem it would be much more helpful if you at least provided information about your wordpress setup (plugins and settings), so the author or community can help you.

    Fourth, even if the autoupdate was a real issue (it is not, see above), the plugin is still very solid, so your rating makes no sense.

    Lastly, you are using this plugin for free, you probably don’t even have the ability to imagine the energy required to develop this thing… So if want to bash developer you might want to try contributing money or code to the cause, because I can assure you, no one is going to cry because you are not going to continue use this plugin. You could be literally the winner of competition aimed at finding most unimportant people using wordpress. You sucked developers time, energy and a little motivation with this topic. That is the only thing you ever done here. That is your contribution.

    FYI: I am not affiliated with developer in any way.

    Definitely not updating itself. This review is just an example of everything that’s wrong with the reviewing system. I too am not affiliated with the developer, just a happy user.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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