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  • willemvzyl


    Hey guys

    So I’ve had a problem for almost a day now where, right from the start, the plugin didn’t track pageviews on my landing pages.

    I finally found the problem and fixed it!

    Step 1:

    In ./landing-pages/shared/classes/class.load-assets.php, change line 60 so it loads “inboundAnalytics.js” instead of “inboundAnalytics.min.js”.

    You can minify the file again after you make the changes in step 2 if you’d like.

    Step 2:

    In ./landing-pages/shared/assets/js/frontend/analytics/inboundAnalytics.js, go to line 3778.

    The “document.addEventListener(“DOMContentLoaded”, function() {” event is listener is what’s causing the problem, for some reason this never fires.

    So, comment out this line as well as the closing brackets for it on line 3812, then update the “setTimeout” value on line 3809 from “200” to some higher number (I set mine to 4000 – 2 seconds) so it only fires after there’s a reasonable chance the page has loaded.

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