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    Hi, my name is Scott Allen and I proudly voted for my own plugin!

    Yes, full disclosure, I’m the plugin developer. (Notice the awesome green bar by my name!)

    We built this plugin with a lot of love, and hope you enjoy it too! 🙂

    We often build things because we are dissatisfied with existing solutions. In this case, we originally wanted to develop a lightweight plugin that would remove much of the unnecessary links, and junk that WordPress places in the head of a site that will slow it down or leak unnecessary info to potential hackers. Then shortly after its release I developed a very lightweight minification script that doesn’t require huge libraries, and can minify on the fly, and fast(!), which is not common. So it further evolved into a minification plugin. It’s saved us a lot of trouble and we use it on all our sites, and client sites.

    Like you, we and our clients are real-life users of the plugin too. We are definitely partial to it. The good thing about knowing that the plugin author (and company, and clients…) is also a plugin user, is that if you experience issues, we experience them too, so we will definitely be motivated to fix them quickly!

    Try it out and cast your own vote!

    Sidenote: Should plugin authors be allowed to vote?
    Sometimes people ask if a plugin developers should be allowed to vote for their own plugin. It’s a good question. I think of it this way… is a democratic forum, and the whole point of a rating system is that it’s a democratic process. Each person gets a vote, just like in an election, a presidential candidate (or any other elected official) is allowed to vote for himself. Why shouldn’t they be? Plugin developers also put in a lot of time and energy into a plugin that they (hopefully) really believe in. In our case, we really believe in this plugin, which we hope you see from the positive responses about the plugin’s performance and the quality of our support. (Which is all provided fro free by the way. We work hard to solve all issues within 24 hours if possible. A plugin author’s 1 single vote is not going to skew the plugin’s rating in the overall scheme of things, just like that elected official’s 1 vote is not going to skew the overall election results. If people disagree with their rating, then they need to get out there and vote…give their own rating. That’s how it works.

    Another thing to consider, is that statistically for online rating systems, more people rate when they are dissatisfied than when they are satisfied, so ratings often tend toward the negative. Happy users or customers tend not to rate services. You can read up on this as Amazon, ebay, and Yelp have had to deal with this a lot. There are many trolls out there who give plugins 1 star reviews without ever reading the documentation or submitting support requests. This is something that all plugin authors understand and have to deal with…patiently, as frustrating as it is.

    With Amazon and ebay, they have a system that, when a user is about to post a negative review, reminds them to get in touch with the vendor and try to resolve things first. would do well to have a system that requires a user post a support thread and wait 48 hours for a response before being allowed to post a 1 or 2 star review. In the end, that has much greater effect than a plugin author rating their plugin.

    So, in the end, yes, I think plugin authors should be allowed to vote for their plugin.

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