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  • The plug-in works but there is too much emphasis on buying the full version. For what I need I would need to buy it and spending $29 is not great value for something I’m not going to use for very long.

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  • Plugin Author John Turner


    Thanks for your review, but I don’t think it’s fair to give a low rating just because you don’t want to buy pro. I spend plenty of time supporting the free version for user who make a profit.

    Please consider reserving low rating for plugins that don’t work or cause issue and the author will not fix as opposed to a plugin that works and has a banner for an upgrade.

    @easyenglishmethod Please keep in mind that your poor rating of the plugin reflects the overall quality of the plugin and what other potential users will think of it.

    You said yourself that the plugin works just fine, which means it does exactly what it advertises it does (which should absolutely result in a 5 star rating). If you don’t like the fact that John advertises an enhanced version, then simply ignore and it don’t support the further development of the plugin.

    I have personally used both the free and paid versions of the plugin and can attest to their quality.

    Consider hiring a developer to build the Coming Soon landing page for you next time, then you will reconsider whether $29 is a rock solid value.

    I also use John’s plugins on my sites and its one of the best out there.

    Find me a quality programmer who will make you one for under $30. I dare you.

    Plugin Author John Turner


    Thanks for the support @pippin and @chriscct7

    Not a problem. I hate it when people get on and the plugin works exactly (in your case even better than) advertised and the only thing people want to complain about is that there’s a Pro version and there’s a link to it in the plugin.

    $30 is well worth the money. Its an excellent plugin well worth the money.



    Two stars means it works and it does but in a rather crippled capacity, in my view.

    I do not mean that this plugin is particularly bad but it did not do what I wanted it to unless I paid and this, for me, is a problem. So I therefore exercised my right to give an honest rating according to my experience.

    On appearance it seemed like it could do the job but I soon found that a lot of emphasis was on buying the full version to achieve the results I wanted. To me, I saw this only as a demo of what could be a very good plugin and I was not in the position to pay for something that would be scarcely used.

    @john Turner I do appreciate the effort you have put in to making this plugin and hope you understand that my rating is not a negative mark on your clearly well developed programming skills. You have created a plugin that many will attest to saying is a great product. I, however, do not find the product useful in its current state.

    As I said, my rating is dependant upon my experience and the usefulness of the plugin to myself. It did not do what I wanted it to and was therefore redundant. That does not make it a bad plugin, per se, and yet it does not make it good, for my needs at least.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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