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  • I’ll start by saying my initial reaction to Gutenberg was a bit negative. Even in a field where things are constantly changing (web development), I sometimes stand by the age-old motto, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That said, I gave this editor a try on a few staging websites. I like the way the blocks work for the most part, and the UI is very clean. Most of the old options are still relatively easy to find, but I do have a few complaints, or perhaps I should say, concerns.

    1. When a post is saved, the green notification bar covers the box for editing the post slug, and it has to be dismissed in order to access it again.
    2. The editing area is tiny on larger screens. There is an immense amount of whitespace on either side once the screen gets to a certain size. It would be awesome if the editor were made more responsive. The old TinyMCE editor filled the entire left column of the screen on any size monitor.
    3. Images are not mobile responsive at all. They break the layout on smaller screens, and they squish the text when they are put inline with paragraphs (this does not affect the front end, but it’s kind of annoying to deal with in the editor).
    4. HTML blocks break if you put, for example: an opening tag in an HTML block, another block (paragraph, list, etc.), and then finally a closing tag in another HTML block.

    I may try to report some of these on Github when I have the time. Hopefully they will be fixed down the line. All in all, though, I’m fairly satisfied with the editor.

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  • Hi @jf327 thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and issues you ran into! Since it’s been a few months, I wanted to check if you find that you’re running into similar problems these days? Are there any features you’re finding particularly helpful lately? Anything you wish would be improved?

    If you do find the time to report on GitHub, that would be very helpful! You can also share here the issues you’re currently experiencing, or any suggestions — we can take note to pass these on to the team, so they can use your feedback to continue to improve upon the editor.

    Thanks again for using Gutenberg and helping make it better by sharing your feedback!

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    Hello @courtneypk. Last I checked, all four of these issues are still present, and I actually built a simple plugin to fix the first two. I’ve been immensely busy the last few months, but I’ll do my best to make some bug reports on Github.

    The editor as a whole has definitely improved since I wrote this review. For example, loading time is much quicker, and I like that.

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