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  • Hey Tom,

    First off, I do love the features and the easy of this plugin, however I have been testing it and it does not work on the majority of popular themes.

    Yes it works on Twenty Twenty One and GeneratePress, however, it does not work on Astra, Suki, or Blocksy that I have tried.

    I have seen that you mentioned that it is the theme and it’s aggressiveness in applying it’s styles, again however, this removes the ability for anyone to use this plugin with their chosen theme.

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  • Plugin Author Tom


    Hi there,

    We’re happy to investigate any theme incompatibilities if they’re brought to our attention. If you have any specific issues you’re running into, please feel free to open a support topic and we’ll see if it’s something we can resolve.

    That being said, when a theme uses very specific selectors for certain elements, there isn’t anything we can do. This is the same for any block plugin or page builder that wants to keep their code/CSS minimal. As a theme developer myself, I believe it’s the theme’s responsibility to keep its code as minimal and simple as possible so it’s able to stay out of the way of other plugins (especially block/page builders).

    You can imagine the nightmare that our code would become if we had to adjust our CSS selectors differently for every theme out there.

    With GenerateBlocks, we will continue to offer maximum theme compatibility without sacrificing the simplicity and performance of the plugin itself.


    Thread Starter zenjukai


    Hey Tom,

    I appreciate the reply and I totally undertsand your point.

    I also appreciate all thw hard work you have done … I am just finiding it interesting and a bit of an annoyance when I can replicate the same problwm with the CSS not applying four different times now.

    All I am doing is creating a custom block and then injecting it via a hook. I am only using generateblocks …

    Anyways, just my experince.

    Plugin Author Tom


    Feel free to open a support topic with some more info if you’d like me to take a look. I might be able to spot the issue 🙂

    Thread Starter zenjukai


    Sounds good. Thank you.


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