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  • Hi,

    I am using the plug-ins qTranslate, hence my posts generally have the following syntax:
    http://domain.tld/JJJJ/MM/DD/slug/ (for default language)
    http://domain.tld/en/JJJJ/MM/DD/slug/ (for English, for example)

    Now I want to change the slug into being more search engine friendly. I already figured out that redirect defintely ignores the language code in front of the string.
    Hence a 301 redirection for ^/en/JJJJ/MM/DD/slug/$ becomes the same like ^/JJJJ/MM/DD/slug/$ – without paying attention to the language code, causing that all English readers now get redirected to the post having its default language, that is German.

    Is there any chance that Redirect considers/processes the whole string beginning after the domain?

    2nd thing I figured out is that a slash should actually become escaped.
    Redirect doesn’t need that, am I right?
    Normally the simple string ^/en/JJJJ/MM/DD/slug/$ should be like ^\/([en])*\/JJJJ\/MM\/DD\/slug\/?$

    Many thanks for your help

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