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    It would be really beneficial if you allowed the name of the plugin that shows up in the dashboard to be the same as what shows up in the description on WordPress.org.

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    Hey @dot07,

    Hope you’re well today 🙂

    Name of the plugin in your plugin list as well as in WP dashboard is Hustle (https://screencast.com/t/QO5l2FCy3S), same as here on Hustle WordPress.org description page.

    Are you suggesting that the name should be the full text that comes after the dash (-) so “Hustle – Pop-Ups, Slide-ins and Email Opt-ins”?

    Looking forward for your reply 🙂


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    Actually, there seems to have been confusion regarding the Hustle plugin from your premium site and the one hosted here. For some reason, on a site I was troubleshooting on for a client, the update for the Hustle installed (from your premium site) was asking for update without your ridiculous dashboard plugin being installed. And that update points to the free version here on WordPress.org.

    I am attempting to get my client to remove those plugins from your premium site due to the horrible banner you don’t allow to be dismissed and the fact that more than one of your plugins from the premium site are getting update notifications from WordPress.org free versions. Very annoying. You also have a popup pro plugin that I saw on their site which I confused with the slug for this Hustle plugin which is “wordpress-popup”.

    You don’t make life easy for those using your plugins, that’s for sure.

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    Hi @dot07,

    Our Popup plugin was replaced on wp.org with Hustle release, because of the popup version number we had to start with 5.0 and that’s why the version is higher than the premium version number.

    With WPMU DEV Dashboard active you shouldn’t be asked to update to free version from wp.org

    Sorry to hear this caused so much confusion and hope this clears things up a bit.


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    Actually, what cleared things up was removing the plugins your site tells everyone they can continue to use but by using them without the dashboard places the horrible banner in the WordPress Dashboard. That cleared everything up.

    As stated in the title of this thread, not that it will matter.

    You don’t hear what people tell you about your practices. You just keep going back to nonsensical “with WPMU DEV dashboard active…”. People don’t want your dashboard in order to use the plugins you say they can continue to use after they stop paying you. So they are subject to the WP notices from WordPress.org.

    Glad to have been able to get my client to delete those plugins and find something comparable.

    I love tag-teams, aren’t they great?


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