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  • I’m trying to sync the users for a site with Mailchimp, but it does nothing. Not in auto mode, not in manual mode. If I force a manual sync I see a window that supposedly is importing everything and says everything went fine, but the list itself has no subscribers.

    I tried without mail confirmation to no avail

    Do I have to wait? Is there something I should check?

    EDIT: I just tried with another list that wasn’t empty and it imported the users, but only in manual mode. So, thus far, it looks like it’s not working with empty lists and for some reason, only in manual mode, at least for me
    EDIT 2: Just in case, it always shows a red box with numbers, like 0/3 , then it gets green showing 3/3, but again: only with force sync, and even if showing this, not working on empty list

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    Changed to yet another list and now I see there’s an error after doing a forced sync:

    16:27:56Found 3 users.
    16:27:58Fetched 3 users.
    16:27:58Updating #78 jose <>
    16:28:01Success: Updated user 78
    16:28:01Updating #79 jose2 <>
    16:28:03Success: Updated user 79
    16:28:03Updating #5 Suzanna88V <>
    16:28:07Error: [object Object]

    and in the log:

    [2016-10-11 19:28:08] ERROR: User Sync > Error subscribing or updating user 5: Bad Request. Your merge fields were invalid.
    - FNAME: Please enter a value
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