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  • Resolved martcol


    Thanks to WPBook. I found it OK to set up.

    Now I am not sure what to do about my FB App. Somehow it pulls all the posts in but it looks dog-ugly. The App page is at and the site is of course

    If anyone could give me a few pointers It would be great.


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  • Plugin Contributor BandonRandon


    Custom themes are available since 2.1 just copy wpbook_theme folder to wp-content/themes and hack away.

    Note: the default theme is styled after Facebook. It’s also not advised telling the plugin authors their theme is “dog-ugly” 😉

    Thank you for the reply. No offense intended with the dog-ugly thing. <blushisng> I ahem, know some very beautiful dogs </blushing>. I think the ugliness comes from the way the feed is styled (or not) and just splurges on the page.

    I’ll take a look at styling the default theme.

    Thanks again.

    Oops! Hey BandonRandon, I have just noticed your name in the theme files. Feel a need to clarify further. What was happening was that the blog just seeemed to tumble in to the app page on FB with any images losing postition and the content just rendered straight off the bat. That’s what I thought was ahem, dog-ugly.

    Anyway, I copied the folder wpbook_theme into the themes directory. Renamed it to WPBook and now my app page is blank.

    Does it matter that I’m using a child theme on the WP site?

    Thanks and I’m going to stop apologising/explaining now.


    Plugin Author John Eckman


    WPBook doesn’t use the feed – it replaces your default theme with the WPBook theme, either the one found in the wpbook directory or (if you want to customize it) the one copied from wpbook_theme which you can then edit.

    It’s designed to fit into FB’s look and feel, which certainly isn’t for everyone, and may not have image positioning you’re expecting.

    Thank you.

    So just to spell it out for me. I take the folder called wpbook_theme, copy and paste it to the theme directory and rename it to WPBook?

    It doesn’t matter if I am using a child theme.

    The WPBook theme only affects the mirrored blog on my Facebook page.

    Thanks again


    Things are much better now. I think the main problem was in a WPBook setting I misunderstood. I was posting to another wall/group and putting my own ID in there again.

    Now I have another difficulty but I will need to reframe my question I think.


    Plugin Contributor BandonRandon


    For the record, you shouldn’t have to rename the wpbook_theme folder “WPBook” You just have to make sure you don’t change the name in the styles.css or if you do update the lines of code in wpbook.php. You could call the theme folder “rainbows-and-butterflies” if you wanted and it would still work.

    Also you are correct that the WPBook theme ONLY is used inside of Facebook. Outside of Facebook this theme has no effect. (unless you set the custom theme to your sites default but that would be silly)

    Glad you got your theme problems mostly worked out.

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