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  • symptoms:

    when I run installation step 2 asks me to download index.php (I think it might be looking on the root of the domain and not the subfolder)

    when I refresh it says wordpress is installed.

    in fire fox when I load the page I get a blank screen (but if I view the page source I can see the blog output).

    If I click refresh on the white screen it then loads the site like it should.

    sometimes when following links within my blog and when I log in and try navigating through the admin it asks me to download the pages im wanting to open. (when this happens I think its looking for wordpress on the root of my domain not the subfolder its in)

    tryed installing new and old wordpress files as well as dropping all tables in the database to try a clean install. I have another wordpress setup on the same host im with on the root of the domain which is fine and I have another wordpress installed on the same host on the root of the domain which mimics my problem above. I have tried new and old version

    Im at the stage of pulling my hair out,

    thanks in advance for any help.

    I searched through a stack of similiar posts already on wordpress trying to find a solution but to no avail. im fairly sure all wordpress files are uploaded and my .htaccess looks ok. no plugins or different themes installed.

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