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  • When I log on or when I view site from the admin panel I get the list of directories (Index of /wordpress) instead of the appropriately ‘themed’ blog. How do I get back to it?

    The only thing i did was drop a new theme into wp-content/themes.

    This is probably simple – but apparently beyond me.

    thanks for any help

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  • get back to what? Your admin panel> Are you sure you dropped a theme and not a style? Perhaps the theme download was corrupt. should get you back tot he admin area

    I can get back to the admin panel, I just can’t seem to see the main page of the blog itself
    And even with the default wordpress theme all I see is a list of files and directories (Index of /wordpress) so I don’t think it has to do with the imported theme

    The login link should be: if you want to get to the admin screen. You probably entered wp-admin and the browser thought you were looking for a file and it became an FTP site, listing all the files.

    Common mistake. If this is true, everything should be fine.

    When I log into:


    as admin or just a user I end up at the same list of files and directories:

    Index of /wordpress/wp-admin

    Name Last modified Size Description
    Parent Directory –
    admin-footer.php 15-Sep-2004 15:09 617
    admin-functions.php 15-Feb-2005 03:32 30K
    admin-header.php 15-Feb-2005 00:48 3.0K
    admin.php 07-Feb-2005 01:15 1.9K
    bookmarklet.php 15-Feb-2005 00:48 2.5K

    And then when I go to the parent directory I get:

    Seeing this instead of the website you expected?

    This page is here because the site administrator has changed the configuration of this web server. Please contact the person responsible for maintaining this server with questions.

    I just don’t know what I’ve changed.

    Is there a revert to defaults since i just began playing with this?

    Sounds like the server admin changed something while you weren’t looking.

    In your root htdocs directory, create a (or add to the) file named .htaccess the following line:
    DirectoryIndex index.php index.html See if it helps any.

    Ah, that’s an interesting issue. As Taho says, it’s possible the server admin has made a change. If the above doesn’t work, and you haven’t actually changed anything or made any posts, you could just reinstall and that should resolve the problem. Do the htaccess first though

    Problem solved,

    I went back to the person who set me up and his assumption was that the direction to index.php was in the cache and not hardwired so the link worked a few times and then the cache ran out and the link stopped working. It is now hardwired.

    thanks for your suggestions

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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