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  1. breegeek
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi everyone!

    I, and a few other friends of mine, do web comics as a collective. We each have separate sites, and there is one "banner" site, or flagship site, what-have-you.
    It's hard for me to find what I need, if it exists, because I am not sure what it's called or what terms to use.

    So here's the thing: The main site, NERDcomics.com, should have a place, like a div, where there is a series of thumbnails (one for each day of the week we update our comics) showing the latest comics from each outside site (they are each wordpress/comicpress, if that helps).

    We tried FEEDPress (I think), but it creates a new post for each corresponding update, and we're trying to have these things in uniform thumbnails that, when clicked, can take you to the comic's main site or whatever.

    I wasn't sure I could describe this well, so I drew a diagram! Please let me know if this makes sense...

    Thanks ahead of time!! :D

  2. breegeek
    Posted 6 years ago #


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