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  • Tried uploading to new folder using this, but when going into Media Library, I get no thumbnails, seizes up and basically messes everything up. Had to deactivate.

    Sadly, I will have to revert to waiting very long times by transferring files from the default uploads folder to a folder of my choice using my Media File Manager.

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    I just tried it out with WordPress 4.2.4 and it works perfectly fine.
    The plugin does what WordPress did before version 3.5. No more, no less.

    That means you need to:
    – create the sub-domain in your host admin console (if you use a sub-domain),
    – move your photos to the new folder with your ftp software,
    – set the 2 setting fields.

    After that, if it still does not work, the problem probably comes from another plugin.


    Still no go.

    This is what happens:

    I want to store uploads in wp-content/files instead of wp-content/uploads

    So in the first box, I type in wp-content/files.

    I left the other box blank

    I load the new media and it works BUT all the other images now do not have thumbnails in both Media Manager and the website itself.

    The text box, “Store uploads in this folder”, does much more than simply stores uploads in that folder. It actually changes the way links are displayed on website??? What is this actually doing??

    It’s dopey!

    I did a test.

    I put wp-contents/uploads/1

    OK, no thumbnails in Media.

    I upload the test file.

    This one file shows up in Media Library but others blank

    I go back to wp-contents/uploads

    Now all the other thumbails are fine EXCEPT the test one I put in.

    Also, I am getting about 9 different file variants of different image sizes where there is usually the one showing up in Media File Manager. Thumbnail was obviously not generated.

    I’m hoping that this JoomUnited wp-media-file plugin will work. Supposed to allow me to choose where to upload my images (while I am doing it)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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