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  • The first “negative” review? Maybe people are hesitant because they see the dev responds to every review? It’s a nice theme, and the ability to add the large header image with the transparent scrolling is pretty impressive. I chose it because of it’s near perfect rating. Are any of these people using a sidebar? Because I thought it made for an absolutely horrible sidebar. Widgets unevenly spaced, widgets crashing into each other, and widgets that were only half-covered by the widget background color. My sidebar looked so horrible that I had to change. I’m still a wordpress newbie, but the theme I eventually chose as a replacement had several of their own theme widgets, such as an “up button”, and social media sharing, where Radiate had nothing of the sort. Perhaps relying solely on third party widgets is a problem? All I know is I had one of the worst looking sidebars I’ve ever seen on a blog. Worse even than some kid’s blog 🙂

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    If you had an issue, may be you could have tried our active support forum before rating it. Someone might have been able to help you. You can also check the demo here And also there are free themes that have more features than this theme or less features than this theme. Comparing one theme to another and rating is never a good approach as every theme is unique in their own way.

    Anyways, thanks for your feedback!!

    Sorry for the first 2 star review, but someone had to do it. 🙂 I actually did post to your support forums, but on a different issue. Why did I not post about the sidebar issues? I suppose I think plopping widgets into a sidebar should just work flawlessy, and I shouldn’t have to mess around with code on something that seems pretty straightforward to me. And it was multiple issues, not just one, so I figured why bother, and just looked for another theme.

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    Widgets unevenly spaced, widgets crashing into each other, and widgets that were only half-covered by the widget background color

    We could not replicate this issue, also our other users have not reported this. If you could tell us how we could replicate this issue, it would help us to fix this issue in our updates and improve the theme as a whole.

    We are not worried about the 2 star review (users can rate how they feel), but we would like to improve from the feedback of the users..

    OK, I’m giving the exact name of the widgets. “Youtube Sidebar Widget” was unevenly spaced, and the sidebar background color did not cover the whole widget, it was outside the boundry, so to speak. I *believe* (can’t be sure) “Social Sharing Toolkit Follow Widget” was the one I had, and it was horrible, not covered by the sidebar background color again. Additionally, the standard Twitter feed widget (the one that Twitter themselves provides) crashed into the next widget below it.

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