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  • I have been assigned a project and here are the details. I work in the education sector and I have been asked by my superiors to come up with a web-based solution where teachers from various schools can be invited to sign up and fill in forms/templates asking various questions such as how many computers are available in each department and etc. and once they submit this information, as the Administrator I would be able to approve or disapprove their submissions. Once approved, the information would then automatically be inserted into the page for the respective school that the teacher has chosen during their submission.

    So basically, I send invites to different e-mails, User registers on the site, User fills in information for different pages – For example, Mr. X has just signed up after being invited and he is from “School A” – He clicks “School A” on the website and can begin to fill out the different missing information in the page, such as “How many computers are in the Science department?”.

    Some people suggested Wiki plugins for wordpress and etc. but I am unsure if they allow front end template type of information submission. Because for this project the information that we need is already set and we don’t want people customizing what they are posting.

    Hope that was not too confusing! Looking forward to some answers.

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