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  • I want to organize a site about comics and flash cartoons but I’m not sure if organize it via post or pages. In both cases, each post or page displays a single comic or flash cartoon.

    Advantages of post

    • Can be easily organized by categories and tags

    Disadvantages of post

    • Are too date dependent, and besides the year, I don’t need/have more specific dates for each flash or comic; Instead, I should like to include a custom order por them.
    • Not sure how to style the categories nor make all post display in a single category page with a brief excerp.

    Advantages of page

    • Are less date dependent, I can give them a custom order and give them some hierarchy.
    • They don’t appear in the feed, so I could reserve the post to post custom “update” stuff.

    Disadvantages of pages

    • They don’t support tags nor appear in the WordPress search.

    Perhaps I should just compare advantages and disadvantages between each one or just look some plugins, but I want some advice in case I didn’t considered some option.

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