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  • I’m looking at moving one of my sites from MT to WordPress. However, there’s a few essential things in my MT installation that I need to know if WordPress can do or not. If it cannot, that’s a dealbreaker, and I’d have to stay with MT.

    I run a church website, and we have a private members only section. Everything in that section is behind a username and password. In MT, I created a “sub-blog” for this place, and told it to publish to /members off my webroot. That’s behind an htaccess/htpasswd combination. As I understand it, I can’t do that kind of stuff in WP.

    Basically what I want to know is how can I create in wp and if you try to go to anything in /members you get prompted for the user name and password?

    I have .htaccess editing ability, so either that way or with a plugin, or with some usage of the base software that I’m unaware of will work.

    Kind of need to know in a hurry. Tkx.

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  • The only thing I thought of on my own was a totally separate installation of WordPress that operates in the /members directory which is behind the htpassword idea.

    Would rather stay inside a single installation, though.

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