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    Hi, I have a puzzle I need to solve. I’m sure there must be a plugin for what I want to achieve, but I’ve looked and none that I’ve found achieve precisely what I’m after…

    I have a static front page. I have a news page for posts. In addition, I have a the RECENT POSTS widget showing the most recent posts in the sidebar. This appears on all pages.

    I want to create four sub pages, lets call them A B C & D. Then create four categories A B C D. I would like a sidebar widget to be able to display recent posts in category B to appear on the B page recent posts widget. I want the main body of page B to show static subject matter, but with a sidebar widget to show the most recent posts related to B. Likewise for the other pages.

    I’m not very good with PHP either, which is why I was looking for a plugin!! 😉

    Not sure I’ve explained myself very well – but thanks in advance for any pointers.

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  • I do not think there are any plugins that do that but a theme developer should be able to do that in minutes.

    It is just tweaking of new pages templates, that’s all.



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    You’re getting into categories.

    What you can do is create four categories. Then, as you create your posts for each category, you will assign them appropriately.

    Now, create your four pages with the static content.

    Next, you will need a plugin called Widget Logic. It allows you to show different widgets on different pages.

    Lastly, use a widget which allows you to display posts from a specific category. Then create four new widgets, and using widget logic, set the pages you want them to display.

    This is a super-fast response. But take the steps slowly one at a time, and I think this should point you in the right direction.

    Guys – thanks for the responses. I’ll play around with it this evening and post back. Unfortunately, my PHP is about as good as my Latin. I was thinking about page templates but the more I thought about it, the more I realised I was going to dig myself in to a hole. I’ll get hold of the Widget Logic plugin and take my time. Thanks again.

    There is a plugin called “custom sidebars”, not sure what you exactly require. But that plugin allows you to have different sidebar for each page. May be you can use that plugin and select category for recent posts on each sidebar.

    Thanks Nasir. I’ll read up on that. That may make life easier.

    For now, I have been playing with Josh’s suggestion and you can see the results HERE Many generic pages (home page, contact page etc.) show the collective RECENT POSTS widget from all categories. This was achieved using Widget Logic.

    I have then used the RECENT POSTS widget – made a widget for each category under SECTIONS > CUBS. SECTIONS > SCOUTS etc. to display posts with CUBS category to display on only the CUBS page, and the same for other categories. Thanks for your input.

    Following on from this subject – and slightly veering off it – the ALL RECENT POSTS display is going to start getting crowded. Your recommendations on widget to better manage what I would like to appear in the ALL RECENT POSTS.

    Perhaps by stickies to make one stay for a while, or by excluding a post that is not relevant to all groups from ALL but including it in the relevant CUBS/SCOUTS/BROWNIES pages.

    I know I’m asking a lot – but it’s a bit like iphone apps – there are so many, sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees…

    Now I have the bit between my teeth, I’m gonna try to amend the calendar on the left to only show relevant events on the sub section pages…

    Nailed the calendar thing too with use of the same process. Thanks again all for replies.



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    So, you’re making progress?

    You might want to check out this plugin too:

    My moderator buddy swears by it.. and a lot of people have said great things. I don’t use it personally, but it might help you??

    Josh – that’s great. I don’t know PHP but I do know HTML. It will allow more flexibility, but for a little more work. I think after reading about it I’ll try that plugin – when I’ve got time to spend having a play around with it.

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