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  • Hello,
    I’m trying to see if I can use your plugin to create a substitute for an animated gif file, and I uploaded the image sequence to my ftp under /media/kwm (because that is the abbreviation for the title of the sequence). There are 75 images…I’m thinking this probably isn’t going to work how I want it to because the file sizes are going to be really large, but I’m desperate for a solution since I can’t get my animated gifs to work in IE.

    So, after I have all the images in that folder I’m trying to write the img element below:
    <img src="/kwm/00.png" data-files="[00-99].png">

    The files are named 00.png – 75.png… I have a feeling I’m doing either the images wrong or the string wrong, or both. Also, under settings, I tried to direct it
    File Path (Blank):

    Because I don’t really know how else to direct it. Please help, I know I’m probably making mistakes.

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