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    To help me with this I think that it might be neccessary to visit my app page but I don’t know if I’m allowed to post it. So the app name is pictopoetry and the url would be

    Anyway, I am not sure what happens with any links that arrive from the blog?

    I get a list of posts but none of the links seem to do what I expect from them. The only links that do are the credits for WPBook and WP!



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  • I think my problem is with my site structure because my blog page is not my index page. I have used categories to separate out two types of post. A “blog” and a “poem” which then are called into their own category template pages. My home page is a static page.

    If I change my WP Blog to have my home page as my blog page in the reading settings WPBook gets much better. But then that mucks my layout up.

    If someone could just check out my app it would be terrific.

    If not, I’ll struggle on a bit longer.



    Plugin Contributor Brooke



    The issue you’ve described is a known issue with the way Facebook/WPBook currently works. I know this is in the forms several times but the only post I could quickly find was this one

    Unless I’ve missed something it looks like you got it resolved by using two slashes so that’s good. So yes this has to do with set up and yes we would like to get it fixed or changed at some point.

    PS: yes you’re allowed to post relative links to your site as long as they serve a purpose and aren’t trying to get traffic, spam, or destroy the universe.

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