• Customer service is amazing and the plugin is really well developed. Unfortunately it is not flexible at all and not adaptable. You have to be able to fit your business model into their application. It isn’t flexible and if your business plan is different, you will not be able to use the tool.

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  • Hey branquinho, I’m part of the Product team and I wanted to understand a little better about your use case.
    What part did you find not flexible/adaptable?
    What business model were you looking for?

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    My client has a small company that does food for people that don’t have time and wish a tasty and healthy dish. They plan a weekly menu and do deliveries twice a week. This is a small intro so you have the picture of the company. Now the issues I faced are:

    – Pop up button fonts don’t match the website font
    – Pop up action can’t be assigned to my own button (designed in Elementor)
    – Pop up menu doesn’t allow for much customization
    – Pop up menu is not user friendly, the top right buttons are not intuitive
    – Pop up menu is not inviting to fill in the info
    – Pop up menu information tab is confusing and not adaptive to my client business model
    – I don’t want people to know the kitchen location because they are not open to the public
    – After order client needs to wait for company to accept order – meaning that while sleeping the business owner can’t take orders
    – There’s no “own design” payment option. My client is from Portugal and they use a QR code to send money, he would like to use this to accept the payment. Or the option to get back to the client with the order confirmation and with QR code transfer request.
    – The settings are done on a third party website which is confusing and difficult to access. It should be integrated into WordPress like Elementor

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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