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    The plugin creates databases which increase a lot the more contacts and campaigns you have and keep.

    With the increase of the database your site becomes slower.

    In 20 campaigns with 35k contacts the database went from 100mb to 950mb. You have to delete the old campaigns (and lose history).

    More suitable method would be to read/write on external file.

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  • Hi, Could you tell me how to check if a plugin is slowing down the website. Contact me at: medmar000@gmail.com



    I am interested to know more about this. How does this affect your website performance? I mean I just went thru their documentation and their database structure (they have good documentation) and from what I can see they are storing all the data in specific tables which are not connected to the website post meta therefore the way I see it, it should not affect your website performance at all. Snipsnip can you provide more info I am genuinely interested. I will have 20k subscribers right from the start.

    To developers: can you respond to his experience? Is there any alternative? Can we split FluentCRM data and store it in separate database somehow?

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